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Morning Arrival & Dismissal

Morning Arrival
  • There is no dropping off of students on the school side of Pershing Blvd. on days that the students line up outside.
  • Students must not cross Pershing Blvd. They should go to the corner where the crossing guard is located.
  • Our safety committee is present in the morning to ensure that our children are protected and adhere to the guidelines.

  • All walkers will be dismissed to the corner of Merrick Road and Pershing Blvd.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave their line in the middle of the block
  • If you park on the convent side of Pershing Blvd. students must cross at the corner not in the middle of the block.
  • Parents should not be parking on the school side of Pershing Blvd.
  • Notes should be sent to school if there is any change in your child’s usual dismissal procedure.

Students may use the back door entrance in the morning when arriving for before school activities such as extra help, clubs and peg board. They will be allowed to use this door until 8:20. After that time they will have to line up with their classes on Pershing Blvd. since most activities end by 8:30. This is done to insure the safety of our students. Students should not be using the parking lot to walk through when buses are arriving. There are volunteers for safety on Pershing Blvd. at that time.

If you bring your child for before school activities do not drive up to the back door and let your child out. This creates a dangerous situation especially if drivers are entering this driveway between the school and the church from both directions. Until 8:15 you may pull into the back parking lot but not past the chain. You can watch your child walk into the building from that point.

A more detailed explanation of these rules can be found in the school calendar. Thank you for following these and all school regulations.

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