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1. What is the approximate cost of a uniform, how many do I need and how do I order it?
The APPROXIMATE uniform cost ranges between $300-$400. Our uniforms are ordered from Flynn and O'Hara Uniform Company, which is located in Seaford, NY. Information regarding ordering is sent home in early spring and representatives from the company also come to measure the children at that time and at least one other time during the school year. Your order can be shipped to you or you may pick it up. If necessary, unworn uniforms can be exchanged. You may also contact Flynn and O'Hara Uniform Company throughout the year if you need additional pieces. Please note that the amount of clothing you order depends upon your personal choice. Listed below are some parent recommendations. On average, girls order 2-3 jumpers/skirts, 3-4 blouses, 2 ties for the winter uniform, as well as socks/tights. Socks, tights and shoes do not have to be purchased through the Flynn and O'Hara Uniform Company. You may also choose to order a cardigan for grades 1-3 or a pullover for Grades 4&5 (as of September 2008) as part of the uniform. The older girls also require a vest. Of note is that the jumper does have a hem located in the waist that can be easily let down. Most parents find that they can get 2 years out of the jumpers. On average, boys order 2-3 pants, 3-4 shirts, 2 ties, 1 belt as well as socks and shoes to complete their winter uniform. Socks and shoes do not have to be ordered through the Flynn and O'Hara Uniform Company. You may also choose to order a cardigan for Grades 1-3 or a pullover for Grades 4&5 as part of the uniform. The older boys also require a vest. There is a hem in the pants that can be let down as your child grows. For summer, ( boys and girls in Grades 1-3 wear the same uniform), 3-4 light blue polo shirts, 3-4 navy blue shorts, short white socks and all white low top sneakers. For summer, (boys and girls in Grade 1-3 wear the same uniform), 3-4 light blue polo shirts, 3-4 navy blue shorts, short white socks and all white low top sneakers. The gym winter sweat suit for all grades is ordered through St. Christopher’s Home and School Association. The summer gym uniform for all grades consists of navy blue shorts and the blue golf shirt both of which are ordered through Flynn and O’Hara. .

2. Do you have a website? What information can be found on it?
Yes – our website is On it you can find many announcements of upcoming events, the school calendar, all rules and regulations, contact information, class pages and much more.

3. What is Commitment to Service and how does it work?
Each family must contribute a total of 35 hours and/or $350 towards the school. This is done by participating in fundraising, purchasing SCRIP (gift certificates towards supermarkets and other stores), volunteer work at the school and the mandatory purchase of a Reverse Raffle ticket. A percentage of the fundraising, SCRIP and raffle ticket counts towards your $350. Your volunteer work at most functions (listed online, in the calendar and sent home as they occur) counts as $10 per hour. If you have not met the minimum requirement by June, you must pay the remaining balance. Some of the fundraisers include the Magazine Sale, Brochure Sale, Plant Sale and Candy Sale (there are others). Every family is required to volunteer at the Feast. You can volunteer at events including the school boutiques, Halloween party, Reverse Raffle, Open House and Chinese Auction (again, there are others). Being a class coordinator or class parent also counts. Volunteering in your parish as a CYO coach, Religious Education teacher, usher or EM also counts toward Commitment to Service. You should find that you are getting credit for things that you would already be doing for your child. In the process you will meet new friends and keep up to date on things that are happening at the school.

4. What functions does the school sponsor?
The school has numerous functions throughout the year. All of them can be found on the school calendar and notices are posted on the website. Flyers are also sent home as they come up. We have a Back to School Block Party, Fishing Trip, Halloween Party, various boutiques, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Parents Night, Family Bingo, and Hangout Night for 7/8th grades just to name a few.

5. Do you have a lunch program?
Yes, we do supply hot/cold lunches for those that wish to purchase them for all grades other than Kindergarten. A menu with pricing is sent home at the beginning of the school year. Some items on the menu include chicken nuggets, pizza, bagels, peanut butter and jelly, tuna fish, and hotdogs, as well as snacks, milk and juice. We do require that Kindergarteners bring their own lunch and try to send home what they do not finish.

6. Do I still have to register with my district?
Yes, how often depends upon your district.

7. Do you have extracurricular activities?
St. Christopher’s offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts are available for girls from Kindergarten and up. Sports activities include Fall and Spring Track teams and Basketball, Baseball and Softball teams which compete against other local Catholic Schools. The many clubs meet the interests of all students. There are Student Council, Science Club, Math Olympiads, The Almaniac Club and Board Games Club. We also have a school newspaper. Visit our website for information on these. In addition we have a Talent Show once a year

8. Do you have a computer lab, science lab, music room and art room?
St. Christopher’s has all of the above. Our Computer Lab is equipped with 15 desk top computers for student use as well as an interactive Smartboard. In addition, every classroom has at least 2 computers with Internet access. Our Science Lab and Library also have an interactive Smartboard. All grades from Kindergarten on up have a weekly Computer class.
We have a well-equipped Science Lab located on Grade 6, 7, 8 floor. . The Art and Music teachers also have their own classrooms. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 8 receive Music instruction once a week and Grades K through 6 have Art once a week. Grade 7 takes a Graphic Arts course.

9. Do you offer Band and foreign languages?
Band instruction begins in Grade 3. Those students who wish may join the Band and receive weekly lessons. There is a Beginners Band as well as an Experienced Band. The Bands have two concerts a year.
Spanish is offered as a foreign language. Instruction begins in Grade 6.

10. Do you have an After School Program?
Our After School Program runs daily from 3PM to 6PM. It is staffed by teachers and staff members. Included in the program are snack, homework and play times. Further information can be found on our website.

11. Do you have an Extra Help program?
We offer Academic Intervention Services for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8. Help is provided to those students recommended by their teachers. We have one full time teacher and 2 part time teachers. Students meet in small groups and receive remediation in ELA and Math.

12. Do you have nuns and priests teaching/assisting in the school?
We do have Sisters of St. Joseph in the parish. One sister is our AIS teacher for Grades 6-7 Math. Our pastor, once a week, instructs our Sacrament classes in Grades 2 and 7. Grade 5 also receives Religion instruction from a parish priest. Both priests visit other classes throughout the year. Students at St. Christopher’s receive sacramental preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. Opportunities are provided throughout the year for the reception of Reconciliation. The students attend a monthly School Mass, a monthly division Mass and a monthly Class Mass.

14. How far away do I have to live in order to get district busing? Can I choose pick-up and drop off stops?
Busing depends upon the district. Most stops are pre-set by the district.

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