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School Board Elections

Coming this June, our Parish School Board will have four open positions. Members of the School Board include the Pastor, Principal and parents of St. Christopher’s students and/or St. Christopher’s Church parishioners. The Board has one goal in mind. To improve the Quality of Education at St. Christopher’s School.

The School Board meets monthly. The eight lay members along with the president of the Home and School (in ex-officio status) serve in an advisory capacity addressing such school policies and issues as:

  • School financial status
  • Academic achievements – e.g. State test scores
  • School programs (academic as well as extra curricular)
  • Communications - Internal and external (e.g. publicity and recruitment)

    We welcome those who are interested in serving our parish and School Board in this capacity. Board members will be elected by members of the parish and registered school families. Interested candidates must be at least eighteen years of age and a registered parishioner or member of a registered school family.

    Please send a letter of intent along with a brief biography (for publication in the Church bulletin) to Rev. Steven Camp by May 09, 2008. For further information, please contact William Mitchell, School Board President, at 516-632-8727 or Click Here to download the AGENDA MEETING REQUEST.

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